Allen Texas Restaurants – Four Top Picks For You And Yours

With as many restaurants as there are in Allen TX, it is surprising to see some chain establishments in the top 10. Let’s leave those out because there are plenty of niche eateries that you and your family can also enjoy. You’re going to learn about four of them that would be great places to stop and enjoy a meal. These restaurants in Allen, Texas just might be what you’re looking for.

Mio Nonno is great for Italian food. The restaurant is located at 939 West Stacy Road. You can order up lobster, eggplant parmesan, pizza and more. Two other dishes that people rave about are the aragosta and the gnocchi. I just tried gnocchi the other day for the first time, and I have to say it is absolutely delicious. I had a vegetable gnocchi soup that a friend made for me, and it tasted like chicken and dumplings without the chicken.

This next featured restaurant serves up some delicious pizza, too. In fact, it’s the main draw at Grimaldi’s Brick Oven Pizza. The restaurant is located at 836 Market Street. Even more specifically, you’re going to find it within one of the area’s greatest attractions, Watters Creek. Reviews talk highly of the crust and the pizza in general. The Brooklyn Bridge pizza is one of the menu highlights.

Kelly’s at the Village is up next, and its location is 190 East Stacy Road. One of the cool menu items there is the grown up grilled cheese. The grilled chicken club is a favorite, too, and the place features homemade potato chips. Brisket is also on the menu, as well as shrimp and grits and much more. Reviews point to the fact that it’s a nice restaurant when you’re in the mood for a delicious brunch. It seems like it would be a great fit for any meal and for all tastes.

Village Burger Bar wouldn’t be a bad idea either. If you’re in the mood for dressing up a burger just the way you like it, Village Burger Bar is the spot. Its location is 957 Garden Park Drive. People say there can be a wait when you stop by this place, so keep that in mind.

Whether you want a burger, pizza, Italian food or a restaurant featuring an eclectic menu, you’re covered with these picks. You certainly are going to fare well when choosing one of these top restaurants in Allen TX.